The Great Bookie Robbery

Year: 1986
Director: Marcus Cole/Mark Joffee
Cast: Tony Bach, Gary Sweet, Andy Anderson, Catherine Wilkin, Bruno Lawrence, Ray Meagher
Dated but brilliantly executed Australian crime drama. Hobbled somewhat by it's made for TV aesthetic but otherwise as good as any name director of crime capers like Tarantino or Ritchie do.

Bringing together some of the best actors in Australia at the time, it tells the story of the 1987 Melbourne bookies club robbery with a sense of humanity and tragedy and a strong dose of realism.

Charting the life of career crim Mike Power and his posse of heavies, it tells how they plan, execute and try to disperse the heat from themselves after Australia's most daring and lucrative robbery.

Testimony to the compelling story is the fact that you keep watching, gripped until the end despite the titular act being carried out midway through the film.

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