The Great Muppet Caper

Year: 1981
Production Co: Henson Associates
Director: Jim Henson
Producer: Frank Oz
Cast: Jim henson, Frank Oz, David Goelz, John Cleese, Diana Rigg, Peter Ustinov, Peter Falk, Charles Grodin
The Muppet films were an interesting franchise. The first film chronicled their meeting and getting together, but this first sequel takes the characters and completely realigns them and how they come to know each other. The prevailing consensus around camp Henson must have been that the Muppets are real characters and here they're just playing themselves in a fictional story.

In this first sequel, Kermit and Fozzie are reporters who travel to London to investigate a story of professional jewel thieves, a trip of professional female burglars. If you loved the Muppets (and who didn't), this was cinematic gold.

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