Guilty as Sin

Year: 1993
Production Co: Hollywood Pictures
Studio: Disney
Director: Sidney Lumet
Cast: Rebecca DeMornay, Don Johnson, Luis Guzman
It's an erotic thriller without any sex in it, despite the presence of two photogenic stars and a fair amount of erotically charged cat and mouse gameplay.

I can't remember what made me want to see it, maybe it was the promise of a bit of Rebecca DeMornay's naked flesh, or maybe it was Sidney Lumet on the bullhorn, but it was the story of an enigmatic and charming man who approaches a cocky young female defence attorney, trying to convince her to take his case.

She knocks him back, then can't get him out of her mind and then accepts. It's only then that he reveals the truth - that he is a sleazebag and murderer, giving the film its high concept hook. She can't reveal what she knows about him as she'll be in breach of a client's confidentiality, so has no choice but to represent him while he turns all the more threatening.

The premise is a bit hard to believe, and while Lumet manages to make it believable, he's not at the best of his game here, making a bit of a Playboy Channel effort out of it. The ending's also pretty throwaway and seems to watse the entire set-up of the rest of the movie. A very early turn by Luis Guzman and check out the noggin on DeMornay's boyfriend - he looks so much like he's in a cheap disguise it takes you right out of the movie.

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