Year: 1994
Production Co: Davis Entertainment
Director: Derna Sarafian
Writer: Stephen Sommers
Cast: Christopher Lambert, Mario van Peebles, Sally Kirkland, Patrick Stewart, Denis Leary
After arriving with a huge splash in Highlander, Christopher Lambert quickly went down the Rutger Hauer and Michael Beihn path straight to video, and this is one of the flood of dross that emerged from his dallying there.

He teams up with Mario van Peebles to run guns or something, but it's notable for just one reason. Walking through the jungle, you hear the call of a bird we all know from jungles in the movies. Peebles' character knows it to, whirling around to demand to know what is it because 'you hear it in every movie'. And a southern nation shakes it head in bemusement at hearing yet another kookaburra in the Amazon basin.

Watch out for future CGI-wrangling The Mummy director Sommers in the screenwriter's chair.

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