Hamlet 2

Year: 2008
Production Co: Bona Fide Productions
Director: Andrew Fleming
Writer: Andrew Fleming/Pam Brady
Cast: Steve Coogan, Catherine Heener, David Arquette, Eliisabeth Shue, Amy Poehler

There were two huge laughs in this film (the hero's woeful acting jobs narrated by a stoic voiceover on the nobility of performance, the child theatre critic), and they were both in the first five minutes, which made me think it was going to be a laugh riot.

What a let-down. A few mildly mirthful moments followed but it ended up another teacher-inspires-students with some mugging from Coogan. This is the Brit comic firmly in Around the World in 80 Days mode, not Tristram Shandy mode.

He plays a drama teacher and failed actor who rallies his students into doing a politically charged (and crap) play that divides the community, a sequel to Hamlet that includes Christ and the Devil and every other sensitive trope you can think of - including a musical number called Raped in the Face.

The students are all drop-outs and when the community is outraged at the project and the principal shuts him down, he somehow has them believing in the project and they continue to develop it in secret. They should have taken the same approach with the movie... and kept it that way.

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