Happy Gilmore

Year: 1996
Production Co: Brillstein-Grey Entertainment
Studio: Universal
Director: Dennis Dugan
Writer: Adam Sandler
Cast: Adam Sandler, Christopher McDonald, Carl Weathers, Allen Covert, Richard Kiel, Joe Flaherty, Lee Trevino
This is Adam Sandler's The Jerk. The film that launched Steve Martin's solo career, cementing his Saturday Night Live shtick but offering little else is the template for almost every SNL star's breakout into mainstream film comedy ever since.

And this was Sandler's; his signature violent temper, enraged screaming and other personal hallmarks are firmly in place in the bare bones of a story about a failed ice hockey player who discovers an unaccountable gift for golf and goes on the pro circuit to save his grandmother's house from evil developers.

A few laughs for the pubescent set, but more a historical item now for anyone interested in the patented moves of Sandler's early career and acting skillset.

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