Happy, Texas

Year: 1999
Director: Mark Illsley
Writer: Mark Illsley
Cast: Jeremy Northam, Steve Zahn, Ally Walker, Illeana Douglas, Ron Perlman, William H Macy, M C Gainey
The pedigree for this movie was great; three great actors (Zahn, Macy and Perlman), some funny looking moments in the trailer, and a festival rounds history.

Instead it ended up extremely asinine. Two jail escapees land in a poky Texas town where the folks leave their doors unlocked and decide to stay while the heat on them dies down, only to find the identities they've made off with are for two gay talent pageant operators for little girls.

Even Zahn just looks like an idiot most of the time; all the best gags are in the trailer and the rest is a messy, slow-drawling waste of time - even with the gorgeous Ileana Douglas and Ally Walker.

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