Head On

Year: 1998
Director: Ana Kokkinos
Cast: Alex Dimitriades
The curious thing about drugs and sex is that regardless of how explicitly they're depicted, they don't essentially change the story. The prime examples are the two recent French films purported to 'push the envelope', Romance and Intimacy, neither of which had an interesting plot or engaging characters, and were sold (and played) solely on the explicit nature of their sexual content. This film is much the same.

It's a sort of rambling day-in-the-life-of centred around a young man (Dimitriades) struggling with several identity crises - being Greek and gay. But without the fully visible portrayals of him kissing and having oral sex with other men and taking drugs, there's little to make the film stand out, and it's nothing we haven't seen before - a montage of episodes in the life of a loser that lead nowhere (except, in this case, the downbeat climax of the protagonist realising he's nothing but a deadbeat and will never be otherwise).

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