The Heartbreak Kid

Year: 2007
Studio: Dreamworks
Director: Bobby Farrelly/Peter Farrelly
Writer: Bobby Farrelly/Peter Farrelly
Cast: Ben Stiller, Michelle Monaghan, Malin Ackerman, Jerry Stiller
A fairly pointless remake of the 1972 comedy of the same name, and it's disappointing to see a comic talent like Ben Stiller slum it in these studio-grade romantic comedies. He has qualities that would really take off in the right project if given free reign.

He plays Eddie, another Woody Allen-alike lovable nerd who's lonely and vaguely pathetic as a single guy sad enough to go to the wedding of the ex girlfriend he's still hurting over.

Fate puts him in the path of babe Lila (Akerman), and after a whirlwind romance the two are married and on their honeymoon in Mexico.

No sooner have the vows been spoken than he sees things about his new wife that make his uneasy, and it's here that the script is cleverest as neither Eddie (Stiller) nor the audience are sure if she's a psycho in waiting or we're just reading things wrong.

To make matters worse, he meets another woman at the resort, the down to earth Miranda (Monaghan) whom he is quickly drawn to, the pair becoming friends and dangerously hinting at more.

The comic hijinks gets broader as Lila turns increasingly feral and Eddie is stuck between wanting Miranda and circumnavigating her unhinged extended family.

Together with a few comic Maguffins such as the sleazy, porn-peddling hotel manager and a group of kids convinced Eddie's gay, there are enough laughs to keep you going, but the proceedings are flabby and undisciplined, jutting here and there on tangents that are certainly imaginative but don't ring true.

The Farrelly brothers still manage to hang on to their gross-out roots but have moved out of Naked Gun, Airplane territory into fluff like this you'd expect to see Kate Hudson or Matthew McConaughey in.

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