Hell Has Harbour Views

Year: 2005
Production Co: ABC
Director: Peter Duncan
Writer: Peter Duncan
Cast: Matt Day, Lisa McCune, Tony Barry, Peter O'Brien, Steve Bisley, Freya Stafford, David Field
It's the oldest trick in the book; getting an Australian movie just right without resorting to the larrakin ocker thing, even though that's sold almost all our internationally successful films.

An attempt at acerbic humour, this ABC movie feels a little constrained by its Australian-ness. The cast seems to be a role call of actors who've suffered in their careers by choosing to stay here instead of taking the Ledger/Jackman/Crowe route to Hollywood, feeling a little desperate in it despite performing eagerly.

Matt Day is a once-ideological lawyer now mostly corrupted by the glitz and glamour of big city money, surrounded by even hungrier and meaner sharks than he is himself.

He enjoys a low level executive position at his firm, a relationship with a beautiful co-worker and - aside from nightmares from his plagued conscience - everything looks up.

Lisa McCune is a crusading reporter in the old Hollywood mould chasing the story of corporate corruption, and of course the two fall into each other's arms. At the same time, infighting high up in the ranks of his clients and bosses threatens to derail his career when he's dragged into it.

A predictable morality play but some earnest performances by likeable actors and a comforting lack of kangaroos and outback locations make it fairly enjoyable if a little low-aiming.

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