Henry and June

Year: 1990
Director: Philip Kaufman
Writer: Philip Kaufman/Anais Nin
Cast: Fred Ward, Richard E Grant, Uma Thurman, Maria de Mereidos, Kevin Spacey
Lovingly crafted, this film tells the tale of the inspiration of Anais Nin, by (among other things) the visit to Paris of Henry Miller (Ward) on the cusp of his greatness along with blue collar class wife June (Thurman), with whom Nin becomes enamoured - despite starting a love affair with Miller himself.

And it's all at the hands of her long-suffering husband (Grant), trying to please his restless wife and provide for them at his job.

Beautifully shot, capturing the hedonism of early 1900's France and the world in which Miller and Nin lived, but with too many occurrences and behaviour that remained unexplained at the end.

Ward is one of those actors who - despite seeming to be a very plain supporting player in TV movies, sometimes springs up in interesting alternative fare. Thurman and grant both give their all to their roles, but it's the doe-eyed innocence and girlish thirst for excitement of de Meredios playing Anais Nin (reminiscent of Audrey Tatou in Amelie) that most of the charm lies.

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