Her Majesty, Mrs Brown

Year: 1997
Production Co: WGBH Boston
Studio: Miramax
Director: John Madden
Cast: Judi Dench, Billy Connolly, Geoffrey Palmer, Gerard Butler
A charming little Merchant Ivory-style production about an imaginary relationship between a gilded monarch alone in her ivory tower and the no-nonsense servant who brings her down to earth.

Judi Dench is the very un-jolly Queen Victoria in the late 1800s, falling into a pit of depression after the death of her husband.

While everyone around her maintains the protocol that almost makes her superhuman (watch the many scenes of the handmaidens who constantly stay a handful of steps behind her regardless of where she moves), only a lowly member of her staff, John Brown (Connolly) sees her and treats her as a human being, forging a deep friendship between them that scandalises the monarchy.

Sweet, unassuming and effective, with one of the few dramatic roles that convinces you what a great actor Billy Connolly can be.

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