Year: 1986
Studio: 20th Century Fox
Director: Russell Mulcahy
Cast: Christopher Lambert, Sean Connery, Clancy Brown, Jon Polito
The pinnacle of Christopher Lambert's career, after which he rapidly sank like a stone to join Rutger Hauer, Chuck Norris and Mark Dacascos in the hallowed ranks of the straight-to-video star.

Not that he really deserved to be this big, about the least effective Frenchman playing a Scot in film history. It was the concept that ruled the screen here; nature has for some reason bestowed immortality on several of our number, and as the tagline, kicker line of dialogue and whole ethos of the film said; there can be only one.

So they live forever, tracking and hunting each other throughout history to be the last man standing and win... The Prize (trust me, it's a let down).

So Connor McLeod (Lambert) spends hundreds of years befriending nobleman Ramirez (Connery) who tells him everything he needs to know about his powers, gift and obligations, and trying to stay ahead of the fearsome Kurgen (Brown, in one of his best villainous roles), with whom you just know he's going to share the final showdown.

A good idea well executed, with lots of memorable set pieces but with Lambert as the only real weak link. Aussie music video director Russell Mulcahy came fresh off Razorback and looked set for big things, but the increasingly ridiculous Highlander series mired him in a creative funk from which he's never recovered.

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