Year: 2005
Studio: Columbia
Director: Andy Tennant
Cast: Will Smith, Eva Mendes, Amber Valetta, Kevin James, Michael Rapaport
A step above the usual romantic comedy thanks to a script that offered at least some deviation from the usual Cinderella pap and the charisma of the leads.

Will Smith is an urban myth, a date doctor who helps losers attain the girl of their dreams. As he says, any man has the potential to sweep any woman off her feet.

He works under strict anonymity and by strict referral, and it's against the backdrop of some of his most successful tutorships (in particular Kevin James as accountant Albert) that he falls unexpectedly in love himself - with beautiful but savvy and fairly cold gossip reporter Sara (Mendes).

It's all close enough to neat and clean to be an enjoyable piece of fairy floss, but a bit of care has been taken with the characterisations and story so it stands head and shoulders above the rest, particularly in Smith's willingness to make fun of himself.

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