The Honourable Wally Norman

Year: 2003
Director: Ted Emery
Cast: Kevin Harrington, Shaun Micallef, H G Nelson, John Singleton
Amid the slew of failed Australian movies of 2003, this fairly bland effort stood out little, although it didn't suffer a lot of the problems of it's contemporaries and it deserves some praise for making sense and telling an interesting story that isn't so predictable as most are.

Wally Norman and his mates are laid of from their country meatworks place of work by the profiteering owners, who take the severance pay to bribe the corrupt local member (Micallef) into taking the political heat from them.

Enraged once again at the ineptitude of the ruling class, Wally's situation seems hopeless, but thanks for local opposition member and man of the people Willy Norman, he's elected for the local seat in parliament due to his name (instead of the drunk Willy's) being typed on the enrolment form.

Finding himself surrounded by an ideological assistant and the increasingly sleazy Willy as his political fixer, Wally is steered in every direction but his own with no idea what to do to save his mates, their jobs or their town from the clutches of corruption until he takes a firm, underdog-style stand.

Nice, pleasant, not strictly speaking a comedy (with a little more to say than most of the Australian comedies of 2003), it does feature a hilarious cameo from John Singleton as a flustered and profane Prime Minister.

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