Year: 1997
Production Co: United Artists
Studio: MGM
Director: Bill Duke
Producer: Frank Mancuso Jr
Cast: Laurence Fishburne, Andy Garcia, Tim Roth, Chi McBride, William Atherton, Queen Latifah
It looked like a hip-hoppin', gang-bangin' action film somewhere around Harlem Nights, but it was actually a quite detailed and in-depth look at the subculture of numbers-runners, streetside peddlars and other petty crims of the dandy era.

Fishburne leads an impressive cast in a fairly sprawling drama with flashes of action and intrigue in what should have been a little better received than I remember it being, and he's still one black actor who never falls back on black stereotypes. Based in part on real life crime figures like Dutch Schultz and Lucky Luciano.

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