Year: 1978
Studio: Warner Bros
Director: Hal Needham
Cast: Burt Reynolds, Jan Michael Vincent, Sally Field, Adam West
One of the old-time Burt Reynolds movies - laughs, action, bar-fights and a grinning, guffawing Burt playing another slight variation on The bandit as he always did before age dragged him from the Hollywood radar.

This time he's a stuntman, and feels both threatened and protective of rising protégé Jan Michael Vincent. Together they plan the biggest driving stunt every committed to film, one destined to be Hooper's swan song and his cocky young offsider's arrival - if they can pull it off.

With regular director Hal (Cannonball Run, Smokey and the Bandit) Needham and co-star Sally Field firmly in place, you've seen it all before, but hot damn it's a whole loota rootin', tootin', truckin' fun!

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