Year: 1983
Production Co: Frontier Films
Director: Frank Shields
Producer: Frank Shields
Writer: Frank Shields
While Russell Mulcahy was filming Razorback, around the time Crocodile Dundee was a twinkle in Peter Faiman and Paul Hogan's eyes, this little TV movie came and went, and the only reason I know of it was because of a peculiar predilection I had as a kid to wag sport on Thursday afternoon and watch it repeatedly on VHS.

I don't know now what I liked about, but it's based on the true story of Christine Maresch, a happy-go-lucky Australian girl who falls in with a charismatic German guy. Quickly falling under the spell of his pursuit and apparent psychosis, Christine finds herself a prisoner, her husband not only a brutal emotional and physical blackmailer but a neo Nazi.

His treatment of Christine gets worse, and I can't even remember how it ends now, apart from one sign after another that she should have not only left him but slit his throat in his sleep.

Scary, interesting as a historical piece, but what the appeal was to a 17 year old boy is still beyond me.

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