Hot Dog: The Movie

Year: 1984
Director: Peter Markle
Cast: David Naughton, Shannon Tweed

A bit of trivia: I wouldn't have seen this if Police Academy hadn't been sold out. Supposedly a modern take on Avalon/Funicello teen beach party movies, more 'teen beach party movie meets Porky's in the snow'. A guy and a girl arrive at a ski field, take on the nasty villain in the ski competition, all hump each other and that's it.

Some immortal lines by Tweed ('First we take off our clothes... then we fuck our brains out') and the Japanese sidekick ('What the fuck is Chinese downhill?') and some wishful thinking by the scriptwriters as the villain promises 'We'll see you in Hot Dog 2' (which never happened). After An American Werewolf in London, David Naughton takes a huge step down, which was apparently his last.

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