Hot Tub Time Machine

Year: 2010
Studio: MGM
Director: Steve Pink
Producer: John Cusack
Writer: Josh Heald/Sean Anders/John Morris
Cast: John Cusack, Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson, Clark Duke, Crispin Glover, Chevy Chase

This film is very much a return to original form for John Cusack, which might go some way to explaining why he's listed as a producer. If you consider movies like Better Off Dead and One Crazy Summer, this is a very similar teen-themed comedy with an 80s sensibility despite being actually set in the 80s and not being about teenagers.

When three friends and one of their nephews return to the ski lodge resort town where they had such a great time as kids, they find the place broken down, boarded up and the hotel mostly derelict.

After traveling all that way to relive past glories in the shadow of the faded dreams of maturity, the only thing they can find that works the way they want is the hot tub on the deck of their room overlooking the mountains. But if the title of the movie didn't explain it enough for you, they wake up back in the winter they now realise was the highlight of their lives (1986) and soon realise they have a chance to put things right.

There's a little moralising but it's only there to string the jokes together and despite a premise that could have been stupid (in a bad rather than a good way), the charisma of the leads and the highlights they bring out of the script.

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