Hotel de Love

Year: 1996
Production Co: Pratt Films
Director: Craig Rosenberg
Writer: Craig Rosenberg
Cast: Simon Bossell, Aden Young, Saffron Burrows, Pippa Grandison, Peter O'Brien
Another from the string of the long forgotten Australian comedies, but here's the surprise; it's actually pretty good in not only a sweet and charming way but a narrative one as well.

A Shakespearian romantic comedy of errors, it stars a clique of Australian second tier actors who come together for a wedding in a tacky love-themed hotel where their passions for each other are sparked, making them all as insane with desire as Titania, Oberon, Helena and Lysander ever were.

Grandison is cute and could have been a lot bigger, and I always feel sorry for Young, who's a veteran of Australian film but has never risen as high as he could have. Maybe that's the difference between moving from here to Hollywood.

I gather the movie was made and marketed more at the US market where it obviously bombed, sinking straight to video in Australia.

Rosenberg turned up only recently as I write this in Demi Moore supernatural vehicle and enormous clunker Half Light.

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