Human Nature

Year: 2002
Director: Michael Gondry
Writer: Charlie Kaufman
Cast: Patricia Arquette, Tim Robbins, Rhys Ilfans, Miranda Otto
An oddity in Hollywood - a film where the writer is more famous than the director! Also Miranda Otto's first big American thing away from the quirky territory she inhabits in Australian films.

Whether it's good or not is open to question. It's certainly different and it certainly holds your attention, taking quiet jabs at conformity of behaviour in society, which it what it's parodying.

Patricia Arquette is an extremely hirsute young woman who's spent the better part of her life living in the wild where she can't be judged. Tim Robbins is an emotionally strangled scientist obsessed with order and conformity whom she falls for. His pet project is another man who's been living in the wild (Ilfans), whom he means to 'civilise'.

The story travels along nicely with a few subplots (Otto's smitten scientist's assistant being one of them), but Kaufman had still never bettered Being John Malkovich at this stage.

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