Human Traffic

Year: 1999
Director: Justin Kerrigan
Writer: Justin Kerrigan
Cast: John Simm

Another movie that did almost all it's trade on appealing to the 'naughty rebel' in audiences by having drug taking as a central aspect (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas et al).

Although to be fair it's an entertaining movie with likable characters, especially the lead character, an up and comer with an extremely cute puppy appeal.

A group of friends live for the weekend, and the movie deals with a typical one. The pivotal event is the Friday night rave party, followed by a weekend of unwinding and chilling. Some small aspects of each life are sorted out (it cleverly doesn't portray it as the weekend to end all - the point is that this is a typical weekend for them), but mostly it's about the escape the weekend provides.

Fun, with some great insights into drug culture and trance music and good performances – hence it had something special to give behind the facade of being a cool youth movie about drug taking

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