The Hunger

Year: 1983
Studio: MGM
Director: Tony Scott
Writer: James Costigan/Ivan Davis/Michael Thomas/Whitley Strieber
Cast: Catherine Denevue, David Bowie, Susan Sarandon, Cliff de Young, Dan Hedaya

Tony Scott's Y chromosome must have taken most of his blood proteins over the last 30 years, because this could be mistaken for an early Adrian Lyne movie with its billowing curtains, 80s neon and synth soundtrack.

It's also Scott's most experimental film, which is no doubt why it attracted the talents of David Bowie and Catherine Denevue rather than the Denzels and other hangers-on he seems to restrict himself to nowadays.

Ancient vampire queen Miriam (Denevue) keeps her lovers until she bores of them. When she does, the magic that keeps them young lifts and like her latest beau, John (Bowie), they age at an accelerated rate, often entering their frail last years within 24 hours. She proceeds to lock them in coffins in a very atmospheric room of her house and forgets them.

But in his desperate final hours John has gone to ask blood specialist Sarah (Sarandon at her foxiest) for help, and even though she thinks he's a crazy old man, Sarah's curious enough to seek out the house where he lived with his vampire queen.

When she visits, Sarah falls under Miriam's spell and it looks like the monster's found her latest lover in some quite erotic all-girl sex scenes. But Sarah isn't quite ready to give up yet...

Slow moving, sensual and not Scott's later style at all.

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