I Am A Sex Addict

A funny and clever documentary of a weedy loser whom you'd believe would have a hooker fetish as he'd never get such hot chicks in real life as were depicted in the movie.

Student filmmaker Caveh Zihadi plays himself, relating his life as a budding movie director and the sex addiction that leads to several ruinous relationships and a lot of soul searching and pathetic self-justification in the Woody Allen vein.

Speaking to the camera and narrating the whole sorry tale, Zihadi isn't afraid to make himself look stupid for the film, and while it's a serious and slightly sad story, it's all done with such well timed humour you can't help but like it - and him. He blithely explains the freakish coincidence that the woman he cast to play his first girlfriend turns out to be a French porn actress and then goes on with the film, asking us to suspend disbelief.

He then takes endless trips down a San Francisco alley to proposition hookers. The gormless narration explains that it's supposed to be Paris but we'll probably be able to tell the difference, so it's better if we just pretend it is.

He routinely asks each girl if she'll suck him off, to which they exhaustively and repeatedly say they will. Too chicken to ever do anything about it, his dry 'let me think about it' before he scurries off becomes a joke in itself.

It's still not that clear if Zahedi was making a comedy or a confession. It's probably both, but you'll have as much fun as he probably did in making it.

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