I Love You Man

Year: 2009
Production Co: Bernard Gayle Filmworks
Studio: Paramount
Director: John Hamburg
Producer: John Hamburg
Writer: John Hamburg/Larry Levin
Cast: Paul Rudd, Jason Segal, Lou Ferrigno, Jon Favreau, Jane Curtin, J K Simmons

An Apatow-style comedy with only a few Apatow-style comedic anchors, but too much missing to really work. Trading on zeitgeisty terms like 'mandate' and 'bromance' is a fair start, but the film needed a bit more substance. When a romantic, girl-friendy sort of guy (Rudd) realises he has no best male friend to act as his best man, he goes on a mission to find one.

Enter boorish Segal, a guy with the manners and outlook of a caveman for whom you envision all sorts of comedy that never eventuates as the story keeps hinting at turns or developments that never come up. Is his new best friend waiting to rip the unsuspecting dolt off in some way, especially when he asks to borrow money for an 'investment'? Will the hero find his inner slob? Neither of the above, and Segal also doesn't slot neatly enough into the traditional comic sidekick mould to work.

There are plenty of laughs however as its from the actor-friendly comedy school of ad-libbing rather than the Mamet-style world where the writer is king. You can see Rudd, Segal and their co-stars having fun, but if you look deeper than the surface jokes there's a lot missing.

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