I Spy

Year: 2002
Director: Betty Thomas
Cast: Owen Wilson, Eddie Murphy, Famke Janssen, Malcolm McDowell, Gary Cole
It'd be very interesting to see Owen Wilson try to hold his own in a movie. Since he arrived on the scene as the star and writer of Bottle Rocket, his Hollywood success has almost completely been as half of an action comedy trio - usually to Ben Stiller, but also Jackie Chan, and now (half as good as his pairings with Chan and a third as good as those with Stiller) with Eddie Murphy in this disjointed spy thriller and remake of a 60's TV show.

Wilson is cast in the role of a Bond-like spy, including the gadgetry and exotic locations but without the personality.

When he's ordered to go undercover with a civilian, egotistical championship boxer Kelly Robinson (Murphy) on a mission to recover a stealth fighter jet being auctioned off to various rogue governments, the story goes through very familiar mismatched pair, fish out of water territory.

You're never sure if Wilson's character is supposed to be bumbling and lovable or smarter than he lets on, and while Murphy lets the Axel Foley persona to the forefront of his character (as several of his recent roles have allowed in order to capitalise on his fast-talking shtick), he never really has to try very hard.

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