I expected a sharper, smarter satire, but there are a couple of laughs in this Futurama meets Bill & Ted.

Wilson is an everyday schmoe in the army who just wants to keep his head down and not get noticed, until he's selected for a top secret cryogenics experiment that's accidentally forgotten, leaving him and his co-guinea pig (a hooker), waking up 500 years in the future.

After evolution has deselected people to be clever thanks to the relative safety of modern life, the two find they're the smartest people alive in a world full of profound stupidity.

They use their relative smarts to go on the run from the authorities before being recognised for their incredible mental abilities and placed in charge of the government to correct the many problems of the day.

There's plenty of opportunity for showcasing an America obsessed with vacuous TVs shows, monster truck racing and tending dead crops with an energy drink that's supplanted all use of water, but it was a broad comedy played more for frathouse laughs than scathing criticism. It bombed completely after being buried by the studio, maybe that explains the patchy result - lots of reshoots, maybe?

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