Idiot Box

Year: 1996
Director: David Ceasar
Writer: David Ceasar
Cast: Ben Mendelsohn, Jeremy Sims, Robyn Lau

Another try-hard Australian film not really about anything. Without terribly interesting characters or a plot, it starts nowhere and doesn't go much further, chronicling instead a few depressing days in the lives of suburban no hopers Sims and Mendelsohn. At its best it could be social comment on the destruction of the young spirit wreaked by urban Australia's ready-made suburban family estates, or it could simply be a story of two born losers who neither deserve nor attain redemption.

There were touches of Sims' wanting to escape the violent, bored drudgery (typified by anti-social, nihlistic Mendelsohn), but they weren't convincing and didn't carry any weight or substance in the story. Teen band babe Lau must have been crestfallen that nothing came of her turn at a gritty character actor's part. Following the story of the actual bank robber was virtually useless, his part in the story only materialising during the twist of fate at the end. Messy and dingy.

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