Imagine That

Year: 2009
Studio: Paramount
Director: Karey Kirkpatrick
Producer: Ed Solomon
Writer: Ed Solomon
Cast: Eddie Murphy, Thomas Haden Church, Martin Sheen, Ronny Cox, Richard Schiff

Long since having abandoned movies for grown ups, Eddie Murphy continues his renaissance as a kids' movie stalwart. Like most of his movies of the last ten years that don't involve fat suits or miniature CGI donkeys, it's a so so effort depicting a finance industry workaholic father, which lets you play spot-the-moral-about-not-ignoring-family a mile away in every line.

When he babysits the cute daughter he shares with his ex wife and she gets lost in her imaginary world he just finds it a mild irritation while he tries to work until it turns out her musings (drawn all over his notes for a big presentation) are actually rock solid investment advice from beyond.

In trying to get the best results from her imaginary friends, he finally embarks on a real relationship with her and you can just see the heartbreak on her little face thinking she has her Dad back when he's only in it for his career before the inevitable redemption.

Despite being a kids' movie, it has a slightly more adult outlook than most, dealing a lot more with the adult world than most kids' movie do. It's a approach that puts it a strange area where tiny tots will lose interest fast and older kids will just find the whole thing daggy.

To excite again, Murphy needs to do something very different.

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