In a Savage Land

Year: 1999
Director: Bill Bennett
Writer: Bill Bennett
Cast: Martin Donovan, Rufus Sewell, Maya Stange, Max Cullen, John Howard, Marshall Napier
I'll admit I watched this movie anticipating lots of sex scenes, and there was one.

Now that's out of the way, the movie. Sandwiched between the mostly inane Kiss or Kill and the much better received but still inane The Nugget, Bill Bennett brings us the story of a feisty young scientist who falls in love with her anthropologist lecturer and moves with him to Papua new Guinea to study the locals.

The cracks show in their marriage both because of the strain of their differing approaches and the Indiana Jones-like smuggler who comes to the islands every now and then and with whom the young woman is increasingly attracted.

It was a nice idea well done and there was nothing inherently wrong with the film except that it didn't turn out terribly interesting. It's always a good thing when a director can talk an attractive young actress into many topless or nude scenes for a serious project though.

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