In Shifting Sands

Year: 2001
Production Co: Five Rivers
Director: Scott Ritter
Writer: Scott Ritter/Alex Cohn

The untold story of the UNSCOM weapons inspectors' constant battle against Iraqi and American bureaucracy and power-playing after America started gunning for yet another invasion.

Made by (and featuring) the former Inspection team leader Scott Ritter - dismissed by Richard Butler at the end of the 90s for not giving the whole game over to the Americans - it's an insightful expose of how the US manipulates any institution it can to further its interests (like we needed an expose to tell us that).

Ritter (quite rightly) tells the tale about how Iraq continually offered proof that it had disarmed according to the UN embargo, but that US interference has kept the sanctions that have killed millions in place for a decade. What the film doesn't do however is take one step back and ask whether the UN was right in demanding Iraq disarm in the first place. After all, if every nation who aggressively invaded another was made to disarm, the American government wouldn't have a water pistol to call their own.

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