An Inconvenient Truth

Year: 2006
Production Co: Lawrence Bender Productions
Director: Davis Guggenheim
Producer: Lawrence Bender
Cast: Al Gore
The first thing you ask yourself as Al Gore warns you about the dangers of global warming is this; if history had turned out differently and Gore had taken the presidency many claim he won fair and square, would we be watching this film? Could a US president ever go on the defensive for the environment, or are you unlikely to even get in the race without the blessing of the energy, automotive and fossil fuels lobbyists who wield so much influence in the US?

Those in power will seldom argue for such sweeping change, because the changes needed to reverse environmental degradation would erode much of the power they rest upon. So there's an undeniable element of 'even though it's too late for me to do anything, I told you so' about An Inconvenient Truth.

It features Gore giving the slideshow presentation he's honed over the last several years to argue for global warming being the result of pollution, and the urgency needed to address it.

The presentation is interspersed with Gore crossing the country to deliver it, ruminating about his mission and telling us about the formative years that made him an environmentalist.

These interludes aren't nearly as interesting as the hard facts of his famous PowerPoint file, and Gore's still a consummate politician - his homilies of life down on the farm making him what he is today are classic politico showmanship.

But the graphs and figures speak for themselves and while they're in a much-condensed form, they make An Inconvenient Truth a very powerful movie.

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