The Incredibles

Year: 2004
Director: Brad Bird
Writer: Brad Bird
Cast: Craig T Nelson, Holly Hunter, Samuel L Jackson, Jason Lee
The first crack ever to appear in Pixar's armour. The amazing animation is there, the laughs, the right on target observations of the modern condition, but something about The Incredibles felt too small and inconsequential.

After the superheroes have been sued into hiding by a disgruntled public, the former Mr Incredible (Nelson), now a bored suburban husband and father, gets a call from a mysterious woman with an assignment. Lying to his wife, the former Elastigirl (Hunter) and three kids, he goes to a tropical island to fight a powerful and intelligent robot, finding himself again and becoming happier than he has in years.

As the assignments continue, their purpose is revealed; some annoying kid who always wanted to work for him years before (Lee) has styled himself as the new superhero, devised the robots and plans to unleash them on the world so he can save the people from them and be the ultimate hero.

When his wife discovers the truth, The Incredible have to join forces and stop both the upstart and the evil robots.

Most of the action is great, but the whole thing feels rushed and dislocated. There's a sense of finality about Pixar movies, of them being the last word on toys that are really alive, the life in your garden or fish in the sea, but The Incredibles misses it.

The voice of Mr Incredible must have been a godsend for Craig T. Nelson. After playing a good part in the Poltergeist movies, the last thing I saw him in was the so-so conspiracy thriller The Skulls. He wasn't exactly B grade, but he was consistently second billing material.

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