Indecent Proposal

Year: 1993
Director: Adrian Lyne
Cast: Demi Moore, Robert Redford, Woody Harrelson, Oliver Platt, Billy Bob Thornton, Billy Connolly, Sheena Easton
A good example of the delivery standing in at times for the story. Emotionally powerful music, dialogue and set-ups in several scenes but in hindsight it was a big call to make an entertaining two-hour movie from such a simple idea. Craggy Millionaire Redford wants beautiful young woman Moore and offers her and her husband (Harrelson) $1 million to spend the night with her. Hard up as they are, they accept, trying to convince themselves it's just a night of sex. The rest of the movie documents their love falling apart at the seams because of the ensuing jealousies and resentments until it seems like all is lost. You find yourself caring about the characters by the time it's over and are glad for the off-into-the-sunset ending.

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