Indie Sex

Year: 2007
Production Co: Orchard Films
Director: Lesli Klainberg
Yes, the title will ensure the DVD sells. It's a polemic about the history of depicting sex in cinema, and there are plenty of talking heads to convince you that sex has its natural home in the art form.

It's interesting as a historical document, charting the rise of influence of the movies through the 20th Century and the impact of sexual mores on it. For instance, did you know the ratings system in American (which most countries now emulate) is relatively recent? Before that, studios had a self-policing code of ethics about what to put on screen that kept Hollywood amusingly chaste during much of the 40s golden age of cinema.

Fast-forward to the 1970s with the widespread adherence to ratings, including the creation of the X rating, after which the religious right waged a war over values being fought across middle America to this day. When you watch the footage from 1900s The Kiss and hear about the outcry of such filth, you'll ask yourself what's changed. Fascinating viewing.

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