Year: 2002
Director: Patrice Chéreau
Cast: Mark Rylance, Kerry Fox
A lot of psychosexual intelligentsia French tosh with an uninteresting story about ugly and boring people, it's only selling point the graphic sex scenes (a precedent set by last years Romance - equally boring and lacking in substance) that are as ugly as the characters. An emotionally dead, weedy loser (Rylance) sleeps with a woman (Fox) in his dingy London apartment once a week. She jumps straight up and leaves afterwards every time (after looking like she hates every second of it), and after a few weeks of this he starts to wonder about who she is.

Between the sex scenes (which quickly become monotonous), the film is nothing but dull montages of him following her, befriending her husband and arguing unintelligibly with everyone in rapid-fire philosophies about life and love that are too sensless to follow. After the interminable wait for an ending you wonder what you've just sat through for two hours.

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