Into the Blue

Year: 2005
Studio: Columbia
Director: John Stockwell
Cast: Paul Walker, Jessica Alba, Scott Caan, Ashley Scott
More or less trashed on release, this movie was actually a gripping and very cool action thriller with (yes, it's true), honest and subtle performances by the leads and a fine directorial eye.

It looks easy to dismiss on first glimpse - and was by most critics; impossibly young and beautiful people living an impossibly dream-like life, but it's all handled with such class and hasn't a shred of bloated 'filminess' that you believe every minute of the lust, desire, intrigue and danger.

Alba and Walker are Sam and Jared, two young lovers living the good life in the Bahamas - young, poor and in love.

When a high-living friend of Jared's (Caan) arrives with his latest squeeze (Scott, as delectable as Alba), the four go diving in search of sunken treasure they believe has been revealed by a recent storm, but find much more than they bargained for when they come across a sunken plane full of drugs.

The race is on to unearth and claim the treasure before the owners of the illicit loot inevitably come looking for their lost cargo, but a lot of greed, impulsive decisions and reckless chances land the four in deeper trouble with everyone from the local sharks to the drug runners when they come calling.

It's got amazing underwater sequences, a production design that makes you feel you're really there, smart dialogue and action that neither scrimps on the thrills nor glamourises them. Endlessly watchable, and not just for the unfairly good looking stars.

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