Iron Eagle

Year: 1986
Production Co: Delphi Films
Studio: Columbia
Director: Sydney J Furie
Writer: Sydney J Furie
Cast: Louis Gossett Jr
Top Gun for tweens. The rebellious, mulletted 80s teen heart throb hero has grown up around air force bases with his pilot dad so like a kid who's grown up with a mechanic and knows how to fix cars, he of course messes around by flying military-owned fighter jets worth tens of millions.

Not only that, but he can only shoot while playing 80s American rock music through the Sony Walkman glued to the cockpit wall.

It's one of those easy-sell movie premises that would stand the test of time for about a year, as mouldy as old cheese and embarrassing from start to finish nowadays.

B movie hero Louis Gossett Jr is the mentor figure (another slight nod to Top Gun) who agrees to accompany the hero when his father's captured by Middle Eastern terrorists (Lybian, I think - was there any other kind in Reagan's 80s?).

They have to steal a fighter jet, fly to the bad guys desert hideout, bust the Dad out and kick arse in true Republican/Rambo style, long before anyone even realised how unintentionally politically charged such movies were.

Check out the muscles shirt, aviator shades and huge hair on the video cover and you'll know what you're in for. Spawned several straight-to-video sequels starring Gossett Jr but the heart throb long ago disappeared from the radar.

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