The Italian Job

Year: 1969
Director: Peter Collinson
Cast: Michael Caine, Benny Hill
Another classic you just have to watch, famous for it's mini car chase but not much else.

A group of thieves, led by Michael Caine as the crim just released as a former guest of her majesty (inhabiting his usual role, half James Bond, half Only Fools and Horses' Del boy) who's given the job to end all, by an old associate who's left a video after being bumped off by the mafia.

Crocker roots his old compadre's missus, put together the heist with a suite of oddballs, roots several more chicks and it's off to Turin to pull the scam by causing the biggest traffic jam in Italy's history.

How much the film has dated (Benny Hill as the mental hospital inmate/computer nerd loading up the huge spools of magnetic tape) is as much fun as trying to believe three minis could really make it through a grassy field, and it's one of those ones you're more glad to have it struck off your 'to see' list than one you'll hold dear.

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