The Jackal

Year: 1997
Production Co: Alphaville Films
Director: Michael Caton-Jones
Producer: Michael Caton-Jones
Writer: Chuck Farrer
Cast: Bruce Willis, Richard Gere, Sydney Poitier, Jack Black, Mathilda May, J K Simmons, Sophie Okonedo

Lacklustre attempt to give both leads some action/thriller 'cred' by giving everyday schmoe Willis some criminal mastermind touches (man of a thousand faces, pretending to be gay to the extent of kissing another man etc) and Gere the character actor's part of an Irish terrorist.

It misses more targets than it hits in the story about a plot to assassinate the First Lady in revenge of a the killing of a wealthy crim. It's all pretty tedious and Poitier as always overacts to the point of comedy. Left in the dust by the far more intelligent The Assignment which deals with a similar but more realistic topic.

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