Jaws 2

Year: 1978
Studio: Universal
Director: Jeannot Szwarc
Writer: Carl Gottlieb/Peter Benchley
Cast: Roy Schieder, Lorraine Gary, Murray Hamilton
A sequel to the film that changed the movies forever was inevitable, but nobody but Spielberg himself had the sense to pass on it.

I'll also bet not many filmgoers remember the stand-out sequences half as much as those of the original.

Like Rocky 2, it's the same story, same characters and same outcome. Brody (Schieder) once more has to step up to the plate when an ever bigger killer shark appears in Amity waters with a taste for human flesh.

Only this time, Brody plays the teenager the police don't believe as he tries to convince the powers that be, including Mayor Vaughan, (Hamilton) that their ocean-going troubles have started again.

Two images stick in my mind; the killer whale washed up on the beach with a bite the size of a small car taken out of it, and the riotously implausible helicopter sequence. Neither add up to a movie half as good as its predecessor.

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