Jaws: The Revenge

Year: 1987
Studio: Universal
Director: Joseph Sargent
Producer: Joseph Sargent
Cast: Michael Caine, Lorraine Gary, Lance Guest, Mario van Peebles, Melvin van Peebles
Michael Caine went through a period where he should have fired his agents every step - appearing in sub-par dross like this was a classic example of the worst casting decision since someone thought of Robert DeNiro for Rocky and Bullwinkle.

Yes, again there's a giant killer shark menacing a small seaside holiday community and yes it's bigger, meaner and hungrier. Considering this was the fourth film in an increasingly vacuous franchise, the shark was probably the size of a nuclear submarine with a genetic aversion to any sort of meat besides human flesh.

Poor Lorraine Gary finds herself in this codswallop with romantic interest light plane pilot Caine following the death of her husband Brody, who had a heart attack after the stress of so many giant killer sharks menacing small seaside holiday communities.

The Brodys' kids also step up, Lance (The Last Starfighter) Guest as the now grown Michael Brody who has to believe his increasingly unhinged mother, herself the one making wild claims about giant sharks when nobody believes her.

In one of the most ridiculous premises ever for a film, this shark is actually related to the first three films' toothy antagonists and has come to Amity to take revenge on the family that killed his relatives.

That's all you need to know, along with the film's single high point and only intentionally funny line. Michael Caine gets out of his tiny seaplane just in time for the shark to surface right next to him. He's grumbling about Ellen (Gary) whining about something and he sums up his philosophy of women in his broad cock-er-ney accent - 'Complain, complain... shit!'

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