Jeepers Creepers

Year: 2001
Production Co: United Artists
Director: Victor Salva
Writer: Victor Salva
Cast: Gina Phillips, Justin Long

It looked like another of the teen horror movies that everyone thought was just one of the crop but turned out to be pretty original. And while it did avoid some of the teen slasher hallmarks (gang of beautiful young people picked off) and the performances were good, it didn't rise much above the level of the rest of the crop.

A brother and sister are buzzed by a rusty old truck on a backwoods highway on their way home from college, then see a mysterious figure throw what looks like a body down a pipe in an abandoned churchyard.

Returning for a closer look (and in the films one standout moment, where the sister says 'You know in horror movies where everyone's thinking about the hero doing something really stupid? This moment is it!'), they of course run into trouble and the murderer turns out to be a creature that falls onto their trail, chasing them across the country overnight and even battling its way through a station full of police officers in the climax.

Pretty accomplished acting by the two leads, but nothing much special besides.

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