Joe Dirt

Year: 2001
Director: Dennie Gordon
Producer: Adam Sandler
Writer: David Spade
Cast: David Spade, Christopher Walken, Fred Ward
Some movies that come out the Saturday Night Livecamp are surprisingly good (not too many, but some - usually an SNL star will develop a more accessible style as their career progresses).

Most SNL movies are pretty substandard - the characters and skits that grow out of the show are fifteen minute, one-joke fixtures that fail dismally fleshed out into a 90 minute film dealing with so many more facets to that characters life.

And some SNL movies aren't just substandard, they're woeful, like this one. The lead's shtick is lost in a mish mash of unrelated situations, the pace and direction changes from one scene to the next, the characters are strange (but not in a funny way), and even Joe's motivation, personality and attitude seems to change in every sequence.

It tells the story of a trailer trash dirtbag looking for a family he's never known, and that's it.

David Spade was a brilliant sarcastic lynchpin to Chris Farley's bumbling idiot in Tommy Boy, but this image change falls flat. The other characters are badly drawn and the story is mostly pointless.

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