John Tucker Must Die

Year: 2006
Production Co: Landscape Entertainment
Studio: 20th Century Fox
Director: Betty Thomas
Cast: Jesse Metcalfe, Ashanti
As you'd expect, an asinine teen comedy with a slightly sexy edge that betrays the filmmakers' intentions of aiming it at older teens.

You can't escape the million cliché march of teen comedies though as three jilted girlfriends of the school's hero jock try to publicly disgrace him in revenge for cheating on them all.

The former enemies plot, plan and scheme to embarrass, hurt, smear or otherwise damage the rep of the titular antagonist, becoming friends in the process. The script teaches all the young girls that you don't need a guy to complete you, the producers and costumer teaches all the young girls you need to be attractive and wear the right clothes.

What's most interesting (and disturbing) is former Playboy babe Jenny McCarthy playing the heroine's mother. I thought both Jenny and I were still kids, her appearing naked or semi dressed in any number of men's magazines, videos and sex comedies, myself the teenager fantasising over her. Suddenly she's a MILF and I'm sitting in a teen comedy with grey hair desperate for it to be over.

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