Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D

Year: 2008
Production Co: Walden Media
Studio: Warner Bros
Director: Eric Brevig
Cast: Brendan Fraser
As much an experiment to test the market for 3D films as a movie. And without the presence of Brendan Fraser, who for some reason I always really like, it would have been another forgettable kids' CGI adventure.

Based on Jules Verne's adventure, it follows a scientist who lost his brother in a remote pit in Iceland after he was convinced there was a netherworld beneath our own.

When more clues come Trevor's (Fraser) way, he packs up to go straight to Iceland, taking the obnoxious nephew who's just landed to spend the holidays with him in tow.

They hook up with the beautiful daughter of the archetypal brilliant scientist who everyone thought was mad but who's of course right about his theory of the centre of the earth and go in search of the mythical world. Despite a predictable plotline, characters and a very familiar formula, there are some inventive visuals that the 3D heightens.

Audiences agree, returning the budget fourfold and vindicating the impending next generation arrival of Cameron, Jackson et al.

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