Julie & Julia

Year: 2009
Studio: Columbia
Director: Nora Ephron
Writer: Nora Ephron
Cast: Amy Adams, Meryl Streep, Stanley Tucci

This film makes nice use of the division between the old and the new not just in the structure but the casting. Julie (Adams) is the plucky newcomer conquering Hollywood while the undisputed Queen (Streep) holds her own at the other end of the scale.

She's a low level office drone taking enquiries from angry 9/11 relatives in the government's compensation call centre and her frustration at never being able to finish anything is getting on top of her.

She figures this newfangled thing called a blog might be the answer as it'll be an incentive to write something every day, and she combines it with her love of cooking by promising herself she'll make a recipe from Julia Child's famous French cooking tome from the 1950s every day and then write about it.

In the process she feels an imaginary relationship with Julia looking lovingly over her shoulder, and at the same time we see Julia's trials and tribulations to learn the art of French cooking and put together the authoritative book and TV show that would make her a household name.

It's sweet and cute and an interesting comment on how nothing every really changes as we see Julie and Julia going through the same self doubt, deadlines and publisher issues.

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