Year: 1995
Director: Joe Johnston
Cast: Robin Williams, Kirsten Dunst, Bonnie Hunt
A pretty rip roaring entertainment extravaganza with eye popping special effects. A young boy finds an ancient board game, which he starts to play with his childhood crush. The magical game whisks him to a netherworld and he's presumed murdered. Years later, two troubled pre-teens move into the same house, find the game and start playing (although they're continuing the game the other kids started years before).

Not only does the boy (Williams, now fully grown) come back, but every move of the game produces further horrors from the African continent, and that's where the special effects come to the fore. Giant mosquitos, a grizzled White Hunter of the Raj type hell bent on killing, a huge savage lion, a tropical flood and a stampede of rhinos, elephants and zebras are all unleashed on the unsuspecting town. Together, the three rope the girl (now a neurotic grown woman, Hunt) back into the game so they can finish it and make all the chaos disappear. Essentially a comedy, it nicely melds some hysterical sequences with blockbuster adventure and effects.

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