The Jungle Book

Year: 1967
Studio: Disney
Director: Wolfgang Reitherman
Writer: Rudyard Kipling
Another classic property from the world of children's literature retooled into a all-singing, all-dancing cartoon for the kids of the 1960s by the then-imperial Mouse House. Nowadays the girl Mowgli falls in love with would be an anthropologist with an iPod and it'd be all about conservation. Disney is nothing if not on the pulse, even if Pixar have perfected a creative takeover from the inside out.

It's the iconic story of a boy bought up in the jungle by the animals and when he comes of age, his surrogate parents Baloo the bear and Bageera the panther have a hard time convincing him he has to go back to human civilisation.

Kipling was 30 years in his grave by then – I wonder if he turned in it the way plenty of other authors and directors from James Whale to Philip K Dick must have through history seeing their heart, soul and integrity repackaged by a big corporation to move lunch boxes and video games?

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